Tree Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders are a common issue for people wishing to have tree surgery performed at their property’s. They are issued by local planning authority’s on trees that “bring significant amenity benefit to the local area” there are no set criteria regarding them, so they can be placed on any type of tree of any size, whether visible to the public or in a private garden. They can be placed on a single tree or a group of trees, within a certain area they apply only to trees and do not cover bushes or shrubs, they also do not apply to hedgerows.

If you are unsure of the status of your trees then you can make enquiries with you LPA, or you can ask the tree surgeon to check for you after you have discussed your requirements with him. Most tree surgeons will check trees as a matter of course anyway, but it never hurts to be careful. An unlimited fine can be imposed on the arborist or householder for ignoring TPO’s, so it’s important to follow the law regarding them.

Making an application to do work on a protected tree is simply a matter of filling in an application form, detailing the type of work that you would like to have done upon your tree. you can send it to your LPA or via this planning portal. It is also probably advisable to consult a tree surgeon before you do this, more information regarding tree preservation orders can be found here.

Conservation Areas

Trees within conservation areas may have a tree preservation order on them and should be dealt with as outlined above. Other trees within the area can be worked on, but written notice of the intended work must be submitted at least six weeks prior to work commencing to allow time for a tree preservation order to be placed upon the tree. You do not need to give notice on trees of less than 7.5 cm within the conservation area, further information regarding conservation areas can be found here

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This page is intended as a rough guide to tree preservation orders and should not be taken as definitive, consult your local LPA for the most up to date rules regarding the protection of trees. Thx for reading if you wish to return to our homepage then please click here.