Tree Trimming or Pruning

When tree trimming or pruning it is important to follow relevant best practices to avoid issues in the future. That is why all our staff our trained and experienced in a variety of tree pruning techniques, in order to provide the best tree trimming or pruning service possible.

We would look to leave your trees with a natural shape and in a healthy condition, removing any dead or damaged branches. We would also make sure that your tree is not left susceptible to disease or die back as a result of our work.

Tree Trimming for Shape

When tree trimming, keeping a natural shape to the tree is very important. Firstly the visual impact of the tree can be lost if care is not taken to preserve its shape. If stumps are left during the pruning, these will tend to die back to a join in the tree, where sap is still flowing through.

We use these as tree pruning points in order to avoid die back as specified in BS3996 Standards for Tree Care. This also helps to prevent disease from taking hold in the tree and it is a vital part of any tree trimming.

Tree Pruning for Light

When tree trimming, often the goal for the client is not the tree itself but rather an increase in the light within there gardens. In general when pruning a tree we would try to increase light through crown thinning as oppressed to crown reduction.

We find that the light people are looking for can be achieved without sacrificing the natural shape of the tree, by the removal of selected branches while preserving the overall shape. This is what we would recommend when tree pruning or thinning for extra light.


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