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Stockport Tree Services carry out arboricultural services as part of our tree surgeon service throughout Greater Manchester. You can be assured of a professional and friendly tree service from our qualified and experienced staff. As a well-established business, our primary aim is complete customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of tailoring professional tree care to the requirements of the individual client and will always make every possible effort to do so. Every job is different and every customer has unique requirements, we always keep this in mind to offer the best customer focused service possible.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the complete removal of a tree and all waste material.  Stockport Tree Surgeons will assess the tree in question, taking into account the available space and possible damage that might arise from such a procedure. Often a sectional fell is preferable to keep lawn and plant damage to a minimum, ropes and lowering devices may well have to be employed especially if space is limited. Branches and logs would then be removed unless otherwise requested.

Branches would be turned into woodchip for gardens and logs would be taken in movable pieces for firewood for our log clients in Manchester. No part of the tree would be wasted. Once the stump is at ground level it would be drilled and poisoned then a thorough cleanup procedure would then be undertaken of the surrounding area.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the removal of selected branches from a tree. There are quite a few types of pruning and we would assess the appropriate type for the tree in question, here are a few examples.

Formative pruning

Formative pruning is used on young trees to provide good shape and structure. It entails the removal of dead, diseased, crossing, damaged branches and side branches from the lower third of the main stem. It is often done in the winter on deciduous trees but this varies. We would ensure that the tree grew in a natural and healthy way.

Crown thinning

The removal of selected branches within the crown to increase light and reduce wind resistance. With this procedure, we would maintain the natural shape while reducing foliage density. Thinning is normally done to a percentage of the base tree and from secondary branches. More branches are removed from the outside of the crown to maintain good structure.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction sometimes know as tree shaping differs from crown thinning in that it is the reduction of the size of the canopy as opposed to its density. We would keep the natural shape of the crown during this procedure. Excessive removal of the tree canopy can lead to a variety of problems for the tree in question, so our professional staff would go through the viable options with you regarding this procedure.

Crown clearing and dead wooding

This is the removal of dead, damaged, diseased, and broken branches from the crown. We provide this service not only to improve the visual aspect of the tree, but because such branches can present a real danger to people nearby.

Crown lifting

The removal of lower branches from a tree to increase light and also allow access for people or vehicles.

Hedge Trimming

The reduction of the height and width of hedges to maintain a good shape and prevent light loss. We provide a full hedging service to keep your hedges in tip top condition.


This is the practice where a tree is maintained at a specific height. Traditionally they have been maintained at a height of twenty to thirty feet. A large maturing tree can be kept small when pollarded. Using this method a trees water uptake can be reduced.

Stump Grinding

The removal of the root bowl or stump with a stump grinder. Although we offer this service as part of tree felling, we do not cover stump grinding as a standalone service. If you wish to simply remove a stump in your garden we can recommend someone simply click here.


Manchester Tree Surgeons Since 1997

Stockport-Tree-Service-Tree-Felling-02tmWe have been an established tree service specialist in Manchester since 1997. So no matter how big, small, difficult or challenging your particular requirements are, we are well able to provide the first class service you are looking for. Armed with the latest equipment and up to date training we will transform your trees and garden with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

We well understand that your garden is a very important part of your home and will strive to leave it as neat and as tidy as possible by doing a thorough clean up job on the completion of your tree work.

Fully Qualified Tree Surgeons

You can be assured with us that a professional and experienced tree service team will be sent to complete your tree work, every member of which will be NPTC qualified. The National proficiency test council is the industry standard award body for forestry workers and it is vital that no climbing or ground work is undertaken without full  NPTC training.

In such a dangerous profession a lack of training can be dangerous for all concerned so we employ no groundsman or climber without relevant and up to date qualifications. We currently employ staff with over thirty years of  experience between them, they pride themselves on the standard of tree care they have delivered over the years and look forward to doing the same in the future. all our tree work is carried out to BS3998 Standard for tree care.

Of course as well as highly trained, experienced staff, we are fully insured for damage of up to 2 million pounds so you can have complete peace of mind when choosing us to complete your tree service in Manchester. if you would like to engage our tree services call or email today for your free no obligation quote.

Our friendly staff will arrange a suitable time to visit you at your home and give you a competitive price for your tree surgery. or if you prefer simply email us a picture of the tree with your requirements and a rough estimate can be given without needing to have someone visit you.

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