Tree Root Week at Stockport Tree Services

This week at Stockport tree services was a very busy one. We served a number of clients throughout Manchester this week, aided by the exceptionally warm and sunny weather for the time of year. We endeavoured to give a top quality tree surgeon service to all our customers both old and new this week.

This week we encountered a lot of tree stumps in need of removal, some were removed via stump grinding. This involves bringing in a large machine to the garden in question and manoeuvring it to the tree stump. The stump grinder is more of a stump chipper in reality. It powers a large wheel covered with chipping blades which chips pieces of the stump away.

The machine removes the stump in layers of about an inch at a time, until it has ground out the entire root bowl well below the surface. The wood chippings that remain can be then left to safely rot down.

Problem Tree Roots

This week however we had several tree roots that we inaccessible and required an alternative and old-fashioned approach. Sometimes there’s no better solution then to roll your sleeves up and start digging! Using a couple of spades a fence post shovel and an axe, we were able to remove the offending tree roots for our various customers.

Before digging out the tree roots, we first lifted the surrounding turf to ensure the best possible looking result. When the tree root bowl had been removed, we then proceeded to remove the soil from around the root bowl, trying to expose all the surface roots which we then cut through with an axe.

You might be wondering why we would not use a chainsaw to sever the tree roots, the answer is a simple one. Chains on chainsaws are not designed to cut through dirt and quickly become blunt. Even a modest amount of dirt can mix with the chain oil lubricating the blade and form an abrasive which dulls the edge of the chain. It is therefore vital to avoid using chainsaws in the removal of tree roots if at all possible.

Having cut through the tree roots, we then remove the root bowl which can be hard because of remaining tap roots. We then fill in the hole with the soil we removed and relay the turf to leave the spot as undisturbed as we possibly can. Those clients who have employed us for this service were more than happy with the results this week.

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