Tree Removal Costs

Tree removal costs can vary enormously from tree to tree and an exact price can be hard to quantify. Here we will try to lay out the basic factors taken into account when arriving at a price for our tree work. We hope you will find this a useful guide if you are considering a tree removal project. Size of the tree is obviously the first issue that has to be assessed but there are a number of other factors in tree removal costs listed below.

The Required Service

Felling and complete tree removal is generally the most expensive service as it requires the most physical effort and the removal of the most arising from the job. Tree reduction tree thinning and removal of arisings are probably the next most expensive as while less is taken away, this is balanced somewhat by the technical nature of what is being undertaken. Crown lifting generally requires much less time than a full thin and is, therefore, a relatively inexpensive service. Lastly, dead wooding, although this can be quite a technical undertaking, the very small amount of wood removed, keeps the price of this job competitive.


Access is a major factor in the cost of tree removal. A tree next to the road is far easier to remove and is therefore generally cheaper than a tree in the back. Also as all gardens are not created equal a large distance in the back is likely to increase cost still further. If branches have to be taken through garages with narrow doors or the house this can also increase price due to the extra care and time required to complete the tree removal.

Tree Surroundings

If the area surrounding the tree is relatively uncluttered then this is not a consideration, but often there can be garden furniture and sheds that cannot be moved increasing the time needed to complete the work. Other times it can be situated near flowers and shrubs that need careful consideration, making the job in question much more time consuming and this inevitably increases the cost of the required tree service.

Getting a Better Idea

Because tree removal costs vary so much from tree to tree it is often best to simply take advantage of our free quote system. Simply ring us on 01663 635 509 and we will arrange a no-obligation quote for you. Or if you would rather use Remote Quote then send us a couple of pictures of the tree, with something to give us an idea of the scale (a green bin for example) tell us what you would like doing and we will do the rest.