Tree Removal in Confined Spaces

One of the most challenging procedures tree surgeons face at the moment is conducting their work when the tree in question is in a confined space. This happens more often then you might think, access to the tree can be restricted by houses and other out buildings, sheds and greenhouses. The complexity and difficulty of the process of tree removal is compounded by these things.


Safe Tree Removal

Safety when working with a tree in confined spaces is of vital importance. The limited space can compound existing safety issues such as working under the tree and great care must be taken to ensure maximum safety for all concerned. obviously in such circumstances a straight fell is out of the question, depending on the limit of any space beneath the tree the free falling of branches may also not be practicable .

The use of ropes in a sectional fell is commonplace. They prevent damage to buildings and greenhouses, or can be used to protect plant and bushes but the safe use of them requires skill and training. Incorrect use can result in injures to the hands of groundsmen or if a lot of weight is on the rope then the rope itself can cause injury to the climber. Great care must be taken at all times to prevent such injury’s.

When engaging in confined space tree removal the job inevitably takes far longer to complete. As well as the extra time taken up by the rope work both for the climber and the groundsmen, it takes longer to clear up the branches as they come down. The removal of the rope itself from the branch, plus the fact that the climber will most likely have to pause while the branches are cut and removed makes the whole job stretch out. This unfortunately has an inflationary effect on the price of the work.


Tree Removal Specialists

Tree removal in confined spaces is a highly specialized skill that should only be attempted by trained and skilled personnel. Here at Stockport Tree Surgeons we have many years experience dealing with all aspects of tree removal and can promise you an effective solution at an affordable price.

We would be happy to help you with your problem tree and our fully insured service gives you complete peace of mind when contracting us. Thank you for reading we hope that you have found this page useful and have a pleasant day.