Policy Regarding Nesting Birds

The main time for nesting birds in the uk is between February and August, but of course depending on factors such as the weather birds can nest earlier or later on in the year.

In an ideal world we would simply practice our profession outside these months, but in reality, it’s not possible for many reasons. We can, however, minimize our disruption to our feathered friends, so we always strive to make sure that we in no way disturb nesting birds, as we carry out our work during this time of year.

As you may be aware all nesting birds are protected by the wildlife and country act 1981 as well as European legislation. Contrary to popular belief this protection extends to birds such as crows or magpies as well. A breach of this act carries a maximum six months in prison and a £5000 fine, it is therefore imperative and our firm policy to check for nesting birds as a first step before any work is undertaken for our clients.

In the event that nesting birds are present within a tree, we will liaise with the client regarding completion of the tree work. In nearly all cases this will mean a delay while the nesting birds complete their natural rearing cycle. Once this has taken place and there are no longer nesting birds within the tree, the original work can be swiftly carried out without further delays.

If the tree itself is dangerous however and poses a risk to public health and safety, then we would reluctantly be forced to remove it before the birds nesting cycle was complete. if it was possible to make the tree safe without disturbing them, we would, of course, attempt to do so in the least disruptive manner for the nesting birds, but in the event that the tree had to be felled for public safety we would reluctantly be forced to do so.

As you can see we have a firm commitment to allow nesting birds of any variety and their eggs to remain undisturbed during there natural breeding cycle, whether inside or outside the recognized breeding season.

If you would like more information regarding the law and nesting birds then we would recommend this link from the arboricultural associations’ website, http://www.trees.org.uk/Help-for-Arborists/Treeworks-and-nesting-birds there you can find a more in-depth summary of the law and industry best practice regarding nesting birds. Thanks for reading to return to our main page click Here