What to Expect From Your Tree Service

As with any product or service that you buy, you would generally have a minimum acceptable standard in mind when you purchase it. Surprisingly however when it comes to your trees and let’s not forget they are a massive part of the ascetics of your garden, many people seem quite happy to employ a random person who knocks on the door.

This has always surprised me, tree surgery is a skilled and dangerous job and I would want to know that the person attempting to provide it was capable and qualified.

The first thing you should expect is a polite and friendly service. If during the estimate you find the contractor to be pushy or rude, then your probably going to find that he is less interested in providing a quality tree service and far more interested in doing a quick job then getting paid. If the contractor is helpful and polite, then you can trust he will remain so when it comes to the completion of the work in question and that any minor snags can be easily and quickly resolved.

The next thing you should be able to expect is that the contractor is qualified and capable to perform the tree work that you have requested. Sounds like a no-brainer right? you would be amazed at the amount of cowboys who will run off with the job half done when they find themselves unable to complete it, usually after trying to get some money for your trouble.

Be sure to ask any prospective contractor about his qualifications and experience, if you feel that he is in any way being less than truthful then I’d advise you to look elsewhere for your tree surgeon.

Having decided on a contractor you should expect a certain standard during the job itself. The contractor should arrive at the agreed time or if delayed inform you of any problems. He should take into account any special circumstances surrounding the tree and modify the removal, tree trimming or whatever the work accordingly.

He should be concerned not to damage plants surrounding the trees or on the pathway used for the removal of branches and be happy to interact with you concerning the job at any stage. He should complete the work in a safe and timely manner allowing you minimum disruption possible.

Your garden should be left in as clean and tidy a condition as possible in relation to the work you have requested. Also when the job is finished you should feel comfortable querying anything you are not happy with.

Now there may be a very good reason why the contractor has deviated from your expectations and you should listen to his explanation, but refusing to explain or listen to any concerns would be unacceptable.

If you find contractors with this level of professional standards you should always receive an excellent tree service thanks for reading.

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