This Week Stockport Tree Services were in Hazel Grove

There we performed sectional fells on a couple of large conifers for a customer who was concerned at the prospect of them coming down in high winds. due to their size and location spanning two gardens, a sectional fell was employed to remove them in a safe manner and also to minimize damage and disruption to the gardens.

Our customer was delighted with the resulting peace of mind and also the incredible amount of extra light that he received and complimented us on our speedy work and neat and tidy job. We look forward to looking after his future tree care needs.


This Week Stockport Tree Services were in Cheadle

There we worked for a number of different clients. we pruned some cherry trees and trimmed a conifer hedge. we were also in Prestbury where we removed an ash tree, pruned a horse chestnut and shaped an oak tree. Also this week we removed a beech tree and reduced a fir as well as crown lifting a lime tree in Marple. All our customers were pleased with their various trees and we look forward to working for them again in the future.


This week Stockport Tree Services were in Offerton

Where we removed two storm-damaged conifers for a gentleman worried about his greenhouse. Access was a real problem and space was limited, but thanks to a friendly neighbour we were able to remove the waste wood through another garden which helped a great deal. We also carried out a sectional fell of a conifer for a couple in Brinnington and performed a crown reduction of a weeping willow in Hazel Grove, as well as work for various other clients in the south Manchester area.


This week Stockport Tree Services were in Marple Bridge

There we crowned thinned a mature oak tree taking care to preserve its natural shape. Great care was taken to ensure a minimum of disruption for the customer and neighbours who were very pleased both with the shape and extra light from our service. This week we also took down a silver birch and conifer in Romiley and removed six mature poplar trees in Bramhall. We also Trimmed a large hedge and thinned a beech tree in Prestbury, as well as work for other clients.


This week we were in various parts of Manchester. We took down a rose bush infused conifer in Romiley (not fun!), did some hedge work and crown thinned some willows in Mellor. Did some tree removal in Levenshulme, took down another willow in Heaton Mersey where we also crown lifted and thinned a horse chestnut tree. We were also in Marple where we felled a conifer tree reduced a holly and removed some laurels.


Stockport Tree Services were in Bramhall

Its been a busy few weeks for us serving clients all over Greater Manchester with a variety of tree services. We topped some conifers in Bramhall crown thinned some silver birches in Marple felled several small trees in Didsbury and shaped a willow in High Lane as well as various other trees for other satisfied customers. We look forward to meeting the future needs of these clients and prospective new ones.